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The area of forest cut down every year is about 65000 square kilometers. Out of which, the largest share is used for the production of plywood, MDF and particle board.
However, we at “Parasnath Polychem” use polymers and wood dust to produce a wood-polymer composite product with the help of the most advanced modern technology and highly trained engineers.
By choosing to use an eco-friendly product such as Green Woods, Paras Woods, ND Woods, ECO Woods or White Woods, you will be making a contribution to save the environment in your own unique way, as the process of making and later use of WPCs is absolutely non-polluting.
The production and use of WPCs ensure a greener environment. Regarded as a sustainable material worldwide, a WPC can further be recycled when and if worn out, making it all the more planet-friendly.

Therefore, we unite the best of both worlds and produce a truly “Green” product that also gives your space the aesthetic value of natural wood.

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